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Digitized collections cross search

Search across multiple digitized collections simultaneously by typing any word in the search box above. Click the "add criteria" button to search additional words, and use the drop-down menu to limit searching to a specific field (Title, Date, Subject, etc.).

Collections currently included in this search:

16th - 20th Century Maps of Africa
Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian, Digital Text
Posters from the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies
The Siege and Commune of Paris, 1870-1871
Transportation Library Menu Collection
Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1865-1965
World War II Poster Collection

Additional digitized collections from Northwestern University Library are listed below. More information about the collections...

Archival collections
Chemical History in Chicago
Chicago Homer
DVaction: Digital Video to Assist Chemistry Teachers and Instructors Online
Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian, Photographic Images
The Masks of Antonio Fava
History and Politics Out Loud (HPOL)
League of Nations: Statistical and Disarmament Documents
Northwestern Books
The Paris Codex
Vesalius: On the Fabric of the Human Body
Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century
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