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WWII Posters
WWII Posters
Technical Information

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Technical Information


Digital Images Processed by:
Luna Imaging, Inc. (archival images on Photo CD)
Preservation Department, Northwestern University Library (derivative images for the web)

Production Dates:  1996-1997

Intermediate Copies:  Posters photographed on Kodak R2 135-36 (ISO 25 color negative) film using Kemlite MW9 lamps with Speedotron D800 power packs.

Archival Images:   Color negative film scanned and captured on Kodak five base (five resolution) Photo CD disks, with the highest resolution being 2048 x 3072 pixels.  

Derivative Images:  Medium resolution images ( 512 x 768 pixels) were cropped to remove technical reference targets, and resaved in two formats and three sizes:
*JPEG 24 bit color low compression at high quality, 72 dpi,  un-resized
*GIF 8 bit color thumbnails in two sizes -- mid-sized (c.115 x 147 pixels.) and small (c. 58 x 74 pixels.)


For more information on the technical aspects, see the project narrative.