Research Guide to
League of Nations Documents and Publications

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Table 4. Committee or Conference Number

symbol elements letters.number
for example, C.I.C.I.141
letters abbreviations of a committee or conference name, usually in French
number number, issued consecutively
distribution documents that were distributed to members of a League committee or to delegates of a conference
location of symbol on documents upper-right corner of the title page,
either alone or in combination with an official number
an example C.I.C.I. was the abbreviation of Comité International de Coopération Intellectuelle (International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation). The example in Table 3, How to Make the League of Nations Known, originally appeared as C.I.C.I.141.
variations of the system If committee documents were sent to the Assembly or the Council, they received a second document number. Assembly or Council documents are more available than committee or conference documents. If a document was given two numbers, it may be easier to find using the official number rather than a committee or conference number.