Digitized Library Collections

Listed here are digitized collections from Northwestern University Library. In some cases the collections may be restricted to the Northwestern Community NU Only. Questions about digital library projects may be directed to M. Claire Stewart, Head of Digital Collections at Northwestern University Library.

16th - 20th Century Maps of Africa go to top

This site features digital copies of 113 antique maps of Africa and accompanying text dating from the mid 16th Century to the early 20th Century. All scanned maps are authentic and originally collected by the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University, and kept and maintained in the map collection in the Government and Geographic Information and Data Services Department.

Africana Postersgo to top

The Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University maintains a comprehensive collection of posters published in Africa and elsewhere. The posters provide a unique resource to carry on research in a broad range of disciplines by consulting the visual image created by governments (independent and colonial) and international agencies, as well as political, labor, social, religious, educational and cultural organizations. In the first phase of this web site, 366 posters, selected as a representative sampling of the collection, are available for searching and viewing.

Archival collections go to top

A searchable database of descriptions of primary-source materials held by various departments within Northwestern University's libraries. The database consists of selected "finding aids" that have been encoded for easy searching. Finding aids (also called guides or inventories) are the key to locating archival and other primary source materials. Currently represented are selected collections from a number of departments and libraries, including: University Archives, Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, Galter Health Sciences Library, the Music Library, and the Melville J. Herskovits Library of Africana.

Chemical History in Chicagogo to top

The chemhistory-chicago.org web site is a road map to the history of the Chicago Metropolitan area's academic and industrial chemical community from the mid-Nineteenth Century through the 1960's Timeline. We seek to identify and help to preserve archival materials relating to chemistry and the chemical industry in the region Resources ; enhance access to information on individuals, institutions, and organizations in the area and their interactions Community; and make these resources available both to historical researchers and to the general public. There are inter-linked, interactive directories and bibliographies to archival and printed source material, and to local and regional repositories. The project will serve as a foundation for an expansion to broader coverage of the history of science and technology in Chicago.

Chicago Homer go to top

The Chicago Homer is a multilingual database that uses the search and display capabilities of electronic texts to make the distinctive features of Early Greek epic accessible to readers with and without Greek. In addition to all the texts of ancient Greek epic in the original Greek the Chicago Homer includes English and German translations, in particular Lattimore's translation of the Iliad, Daryl Hyne's translations of Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns, and the translations of the Iliad and Odyssey by Johan Heinrich Voss. We hope to add more translations as time goes by.

DVAction: Digital Video to Assist Chemistry Teachers and Instructors Onlinego to top

DVAction is a database of digital video and images comprised of techniques and equipment used in the general chemistry laboratory. It is a free resource designed for instructors to aid in the development of multimedia materials for their courses. Instructors can quickly link to any video segment or image (called objects) within the database or easily copy an object from the database into their own materials. The database is ideally suited for the creation of multimedia lecture presentations and online laboratory manuals and quizzes.

Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian : Photographic Images go to top

This site contains all 2,226 of the photogravure plates from The North American Indian (1907-1930), a set of twenty volumes and portfolios held in the Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections. Curtis portrayed the traditional customs and lifeways of over eighty Indian tribes. The volumes and accompanying portfolios are organized by tribes and culture areas encompassing the Great Plains, Great Basin, Plateau Region, Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska. Detailed indexing permits retrieval of the images by personal name, tribal affiliation, culture area, and subject. Northwestern University Library developed the digital resource with an award from the Library of Congress/Ameritech National Digital Library Competition, making the material accessible through the American Memory online collections.

Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian: The Digital Textgo to top

Edward Sheriff Curtis published The North American Indian between 1907 and 1930 with the intent to record traditional Indian cultures. The work comprises twenty volumes of narrative text and photogravure images. Each volume is accompanied by a portfolio of large photogravure plates. The entire work is presented here, supported largely by funds from the Institute for Museum and Library Services. This site complements the entire selection of photogravure plates from the published volumes, which Northwestern University Library prepared in 1998-01 as a digital collection for the Library of Congress American Memory Program through an LC/Ameritech Award.

History and Politics Out Loud (HPOL)go to top

HPOL is a searchable multimedia database documenting and delivering authoritative audio relevant to American history and politics. This project is supported by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities Teaching With Technology Program in collaboration with Michigan State University and the National Gallery of the Spoken Word. Other website support from Northwestern University Library, School of Speech, Office of the Provost, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Political Science.

League of Nations: Statistical and Disarmament Documentsgo to top

Between World War I and World War II, countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America attempted to work together as the League of Nations. Russia and the United States refused to join, and the League eventually dissolved. To promote international peace and security, the League reduced national armaments and prevented the manufacture of implements of war. This site contains the digitized files of 250 League publications, most of which document the Leagueís work in international disarmament. The original publications are part of a comprehensive collection of League of Nations materials held in Northwestern University Library's Government Publications and Maps Department.

The Paris Codexgo to top

The Paris Codex is a digitally reproduced version of an ancient Maya book. Pre-Columbian Maya texts are called codices or screen-folded manuscripts. The Maya kept whole libraries of books containing information about their history, beliefs, astronomy, and calendrics. There are 22 pages in the codex containing hieroglyphics that scholars believe will add to our knowledge of the pre-Columbian civilization. The original is held by the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, France, and this digital facsimile was created by Digital Media Services in the Marjorie I. Mitchell Multimedia Center using images taken from The Codex Pérez; An Ancient Mayan Hieroglyphic Book by Theodore A. Williard. This presentation of the Maya Codex is avalible through help from the Northwestern University Anthropology department and Northwestern University Library.

Siege and Commune of Parisgo to top

The Siege and Commune of Paris contains links to over 1200 digitized photographs and images recorded during the Siege and Commune of Paris circa 1871. In addition to the images in this set, the Library's Siege & Commune Collection contains 1500 caricatures, 68 newspapers in hard-copy and film, hundreds of books and pamphlets and about 1000 posters

Transportation Library Menu Collection go to top

The Menu Collection of the Northwestern University Transportation Library currently includes more than 400 menus from 54 national and international airline carriers, cruise ships, and railroad companies, with coverage from 1929 to the present. U.S. airlines predominate, but European, Asian, African, Australasian, and South American companies are also represented, with particular strength from the 1960s to the late 1980s.

Vesalius: On the Fabric of the Human Body go to top

This web site illustrates aspects of Andreas Vesalius' Renaisance anatomical atlas On the Fabric of the Human Body (1543, 1555) and explains the work in progress at Northwestern University to translate and annotate this historic work. Never before completely translated into English, Vesalius's detailed account of human anatomy transformed its subject and forever changed medical education in the West. Its woodcut illustrations became the basis of medical art and illustration for generations to come, and continue to influence the way we look at the human body.

Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Centurygo to top

Collection of original film and videotape footage documenting social, political, and cultural history of the 20th century; primary source material as recorded by film and television news cameras. Restricted to the Northwestern CommunityNU Only. Requires NetID authentication.

Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1865-1965go to top

The Winterton Collection includes about 7610 photographs organized in 76 separate albums, scrapbooks and loose collections and depicts the breadth of African experience, documenting daily African life, European life in Africa in all its manifestations, and the African landscape, in particular as it changed over time.

World War II Poster Collectiongo to top

The over 300 World War II posters in this site were collected and preserved by the Northwestern University Government Publications Department during the war years of 1941-1945. Issued by various U.S. agencies, they represent the government's effort, through art, illustration, and photographs, to pull the American people together in a time of adversity for the country and its population.